Colour Analysis Services

Colour is powerful!

I offer both virtual and personal colour analysis which will enable you to discover the colours that naturally flatter you.

Did you know that the colours we wear can not only make us look more youthful, more rested and healthier, but they can affect your mood and how others see you.


Virtual colour consultation

Enjoy the benefits of a colour consultation from the comfort of your home and discover the colours that make your skin glow, your eyes brighter and your hair shine. Includes Telephone consultation Video consultation Digital swatch palette



Personal colour consultation

Discover the colours that make you look more rested, youthful and radiant with a personal colour consultation. You will enjoy a seasonal and tonal colour colour assesment, make up lesson, as well as advice on how to integrate colour into your wardrobe. Includes: Colour assessment with drapes Wardrobe colour advice Tonal fabric swatch palette Make up application Make up prescripton Jewellery and accessory advice



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