Client Testimonials

Not sure if starting your personal styling journey for me is right for you? Read some of my client testimonials below and see what what impact it made on their self confidence.

“Thank you so much for the advice and for inspiring me to change things up a bit. I can’t wait to give my wardrobe and accessories a bit of a shuffle!”

Allison- Eastleigh, UK
(online silver style package)

“What a great in depth consultation! Thanks so much Sam for giving me confidence in looking for my new wardrobe. I’ve struggled with my clothes and outfits for a long time, but the gold style package has changed my life.”

Kim- Southampton, UK
(online gold style package)

“Thanks so much for my (online) personal shop  I absolutely love it!  I really like everything you have chosen.  It’s just what I wanted – warm,  colourful and within my price range.   You’ve chosen colours that I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself and that’s exactly what I needed – a chance to try something new and I’m looking forward to buying some items.

It was nice speaking to you and definitely money well spent to get your advice and tips. It’s made me feel much more enthusiastic about clothes which is something I haven’t felt for a while.!”

Sam- Southampton, Uk
(Online Personal Shop)

“Thanks so much for our zoom consultation, it was great, and thank you for the post consultation report, it was amazing! I will definitely come back to you soon.”

Paul – Lisbon, Portugal
(online wardrobe makeover)

“ A fantastic experience that was all done remotely! I will (now) buy colours that are more suited to my colouring and make me look brighter, rather than sallow. I am already looking at clothing that will help balance out my body figure more. It has also made me evaluate my wardrobe a lot, and allows me to declutter in a positive way, as I know what works, and what doesn’t “

Kristy- Romsey, UK
Online Gold Style Package

“My capsule wardrobe is making it much easier to pack for my weeks holiday! I usually struggle with preplanning a week’s worth of outfits, or rather I don’t plan, I just pack all my favourite bits regardless of whether it all goes together. But thanks to Sam I’m picking out most of the bits from my capsule collection.”

sophie- bournemouth, uk
(Online Gold Style Package)