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How to find your perfect jean whatever your body hang up

In my last post I gave you my top tips for shopping for jeans. In this post I’ll show you what cuts, rises and styling details to look for when shopping for jean to flatter your body shape.

Shapely thighs

The key to flattering shapely thighs is cut, colour and fabric. To visually slim the thigh, you want to go for a dark wash with minimal distressing detail, such as rips, fading or whispering. Also avoid any prints and embellishment around the hip and thigh area, as this will only bring focus to the area.

Look for a cut that skim the thighs and creates a straight line downwards from the hip. This helps balance the thighs and draws the eye to the vertical line created by the jean, thus elongating the leg. Styles such as straight, bootcut and wide leg will deemphasise the curves of the hips and slim the overall appearance of the leg.

Curvaceous calves

If you are blessed with athletics calves? Look for styles that have flared hemline, such as bootcut, flare or wide leg. Wear your jeans full length and team with a pointed shoe, heel or wedge to lengthen and slim the leg.





Bootylicious butts

Assuming that you want to actually want to make your Kim Kardashian booty look smaller, you should go for a dark wash jean in a curvy cut style, such as flare, bootcut or wide. When shopping for your jeans, make sure that the hem of the jean is as wide, if not slightly wider than the width of you hips, this will balance your figure and narrow the appearance of your hips. Look for large back pockets rather than small as this will make your bum look slimmer.
If you find that jeans gap at the back, look for high rise jeans, ideal cut with a curved waistband, so that the back if higher than the front, this will give you more space in the seat and should stop this problem. Avoid skinny and tapered cut jeans at all costs.

Round tummies

Finding a comfortable pair of jeans when you have a bigger tummy can be difficult. It is important to get the rise right, you want to go for a mid to high rise and ensure that it doesn’t cause any bulging. Look for jeans that have a little stretch but still are quite supportive, some have tummy control or shape enhancing features which will help flatten and smooth your silhouette.

Avoid anything with features such as button fly, or pleating as this will only draw focus to your tummy and add extra bulk, instead try style with distressing and embellishment further down the leg, this will distract from the tummy.
If you have slim legs, look for a straight style cut such as boyfriend, mom, or slim cut jean. If you are a little curvier around the thighs, go for more bootcut or wide leg styles that will skim and balance your curves.

Flat bottoms
If you aren’t too shapely around the bottom area and want to add some curves, look for jeans that are snug on the bum and hips, and ideally give you a little lift. Look for features like ‘bum shaping’ on the label. Ensure that the jeans also have a curved yoke on the back, this will add definition to your bottom. Pockets can also had shape, especially pockets with embellishment or with flaps, so look out for this type of detail.

If you would like any more advice on shopping for your shape, I offer personal shopping, body shape analysis and wardrobe makeovers both online and in person across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex. Why not take advantage of my free initial style consultation, simply book via the website, call me on 07764996596 or send me an email.

Personal stylist in Hampshire tells us her top 5 tips for finding the perfect jean

5 top tips to finding your perfect jean

Finding the perfect jeans is like searching for the holy grail, but is possible with these simple tips.

Find your waist

Knowing where your waist is will help you  determine the rise of jean that will flatter your body shape the best. If you are pear or hourglass shaped, you will most likely look best in a high rise jean, whilst if you are a rectangle of inverted triangle, a mid to low rise will suit you better.

Think about the colour

If you are concerned about your bum and thighs opt for a darker jean with little to no distressing or embellishment. If you are lucky enough to have slender legs, make the most of them by wearing a lighter colour. 

Look at the fabric content

Jeans need to be comfortable but you  don’t want too much elastane in them as they won’t last. Fabric conditioner breaks down the elastane, so the higher the elastane content the sooner they will go baggy at the knees and bum. 2% elastane is ideal.

Balance your shape.

When choosing the fit of your jean, think about how to balance your shape. If for example you are a bootylicious pear shaped mama, you’ll want to look for a jean that skims the hips and thighs and then kicks out a little to balance your curves; such as bootcut and straight leg jeans. If on the other hand  you are a slim hipped inverted triangle, you will want to balance your broader torso with jeans that add a little volume to your lower half; boyfriend, mom and wide leg jeans will look fab on you.

Always go for a jean with belt loops.

I always recommend that you go for a jean with belt loops rather than without. Not only will this prompt you to add a belt to your outfit and instantly make it look more put together, but it makes the waistband much more substantial and less likely to fold or roll down

Want help finding the best jeans for you? Whether you’re based in Hampshire, Surrey,Berkshire West Sussex or anywhere else in the UK, I would love to help. I provide virtual and in person personal styling consultations, wardrobe overhauls or online personal shopping experiences all from the comfort of your own home!

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8 simple steps to savvy sale shopping.

It’s that time year when our inboxes are full of emails shouting about ‘further reductions’, and you are being targeting by online ads tempting you to indulge in a bit of sale shopping.
But is shopping in the sales at this time of year a good idea? In my opinion, yes and no. If you are shopping wisely and making good choices then now is a great time to update your wardrobe. We still have a few months of winter, so there is still time to get as many £s per wear as possible, and if you may even be able to buy something that is a real investment piece that has been out of your reach until now. But it is important to plan and be truthful about whether you actually need, want or actually like some of the things that you have popped in your basket, or you could be just wasting your money.

So to save you time, hassle and money, I have put together my top tips for savvy sale shopping. .

Don’t be swayed by the discount
Just because an item is 70% off doesn’t mean that you should buy it! So many of my clients have pieces in their wardrobe with the sale tag still on them. They have never worn the items and in fact don’t actually like them that much. The key is to consider whether you might have bought it at full price. If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t buy it.

Know whats in your wardrobe before shopping
Everyone is naturally attracted to a a certain style, and it is easy to buy the same or similar piece over and over again. To avoid having a wardrobe full of black jeans and striped tops; for example, make sure you know where your gaps are.
Have a look at your closet and see if there is anything you don’t currently have that would enable to you wear more pieces in different ways. Think about whether you are missing knitwear or winter boots? If you can wear that new sale piece with existing items in your wardrobe in at least 3 different ways, then buy it. Once you know your wardrobe, you will be able to make better sale choices.

Shop more aspirationally
Have a look at some brands that you admire but would never normally be able to afford to shop at. Now is a great time to get some great quality, investment and statement pieces at the prices will be more attainable whilst in sale. Have a look at John Lewis to get an idea of what brands are out there.

Know you measurements
No two size 12s are the same on the high street. Every brand has a different fit model, based on who they think their customer is, this is why it is important to know your measurements and use the size guide when shopping. Once you know what bust, waist and hip measurement you are, you will be able to compare it to the size guide and discover which size is likely to fit the best. 

Invest in your wardrobe
This tip works hand in hand with knowing your wardrobe and shopping aspirationally.  Now is a great time to invest in some pieces that are going to last for years, such as a cashmere cardigan, and classic coat or good quality leather handbag. When you look at cost per wear, it won’t seem so scary spending such a large chunk of your budget on one piece.

Know your budget and stick to it
It is so easy to get caught up and go off piste when sale shopping. The key is to know how much you have to spend and make sure that you make the right purchases within you budget.

Go for quality not quantity
If you are able, I always advise that you shop for fewer good quality pieces that are going to last, then lots of low quality items that are going to shrink or the decoration is going to fall off. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to shop high end, just make sure that you look at the reviews, consider the original price and look at fabric composition and care instructions if possible.
Cheap fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic will not wear as well as wool, silk or cotton, so always try to go for natural fabrics. Fabrics such as viscose will also crush and crease easily, so unless you love ironing I wouldn’t advise buying anything in this fabric (unless its knitted) because you will never wear it. 
If you can, check the care instructions before making a purchase, basic items that say things like ‘dry flat’ will probably warp at the hems and neckline if you don’t follow to the letter, and who is going to dry a basic white tee flat?

Know the stores return policy
No matter how savvy you are with your sale shopping, once you get the item it still might now be right. This could be down to the colour, your body shape or the quality and fit isn’t quite right. So it is important to know whether you can return for a full refund, or whether the store only offers credit or and exchange. Don’t forget to check out how much the postage is to return either as this may add more money to your purchases than expected.

So there you are. My top tips for savvy sale shopping.

If you still aren’t ready to hit the sales solo, don’t forget I offer an online personal shopping service from as little as £35. Simply email me at for find out more.