How to make your Summer dresses work for Autumn

The weather has certainly turned this week, and there is much more of a chill in the air.
But before you start reaching for the jumpers and jeans, think about how you can make those Summer favourite last a bit longer!

Here are a few ways to ‘winterize’ (not sure that’s a word 🤔 but you know what I mean) your dresses.
It’s all about being creative and adding a layer.

  1. Add a blazer and boots, this is a very ‘now’ look. You want quite a oversized blazer for this look and not an ‘officer’ style one.
  2. Layer over a jumper. This works really well with a shirt dress as you can leave the colour out. Make sure that the jumper finishes at your waist or it can look shapeless.
  3. Add a sweater vest! These are going to be in all shops this autumn, and they are perfect for making that lighter weight dress work for Autumn
  4. Add a jumper underneath. I love a polo neck personally, but if you are quite busty go for a lower neckline.
  5. Layer up with a long cardigan and a pair of thick tights. This is a super easy was to make your fav dress work for Autumn. Pick out colour from the print or choose a complimentary colour and try and match the accessories for a effortless look.

If you want to maximise what you already have in your wardrobe, I can help.
With a wardrobe makeover, I can show you had to make the most of what you have, what pieces you are missing that could make more of your wardrobe, show you how to organise your clothes, shoes and accessories and help sort out what shapes, styles and fabrics work for you and not against you.
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How to create a stylish mum wardrobe

Being a mum is hard work and creating a wardrobe that is not only chic, but also practical can seem like a daunting task. But it is possible with a few simple tricks.

The key to nailing that effortless mum style is having key pieces in your wardrobe that work for you and not against you. This means avoiding fabrics that require loads of ironing or dry cleaning. Investing in certain pieces such as outerwear and footwear and keeping things simple. Combine this with a few styling hacks and you have a fail safe formula for simple and chic mum style.

So here are my perfect pieces and styling tricks to help you create you mum wardrobe.

Get yourself a pair of stylish trainers

As a mum one thing is certain, you are going to be on the go all day. This means that you need a pair of comfortable and flat shoes that are easy to throw on but still look good. In my opinion a pair of leather style trainers with a good solid sole are the perfect shoe for busy mums. They are easy to wear, easy to care for and comfortable. I would recommend either going for a white, black or neutral coloured shoe to ensure that they go with everything in your wardrobe. If you can stretch to real leather it is definitely worth its as they will last longer and age better than faux leather shoes.

There are a huge range of trainers available and you can still show off your own style personality with them. If you are more attracted to an edgier style, look for leopard print details, prefer something more classic, keep it simple with a plain lace up style. The key is that they work with everything in your wardrobe. Make sure that your give them the occasional quick wipe over to ensure that they aren’t covered in mud and that’s it. Wear them with skirts, dress, jeans or trousers.

Think about outerwear

Don’t think of outerwear as an after thought. If you have a fab outfit underneath and a shabby coat thrown over the top you are going to ruin your look. However a fab jacket or coat can actually elevate and pull a very basic outfit together.

For Autumn and Spring I love a simple utility jacket in a heavy cotton. You can get so many different cuts to suit so many shapes and they can look edgy, classic and feminine depending on the styling details. Many of them are machine washable too which is an added bonus and you can pick them up everywhere and at every budget. I like to roll the sleeves back a little to elongate my arms and add interest to the outfit.

For Winter, I would advise getting a wool style coat. This can be long or short, but as a busy mum myself I think a short to 3/4 length is most practical. If you can go for a coat with a high wool content, then I always recommend this. You can get good quality coats from places like Zara and Mango and in fact my go to coat is 90% wool, is over 10 years old and only cost me £70 from H&M.

What ever style you choose, make sure that it works for your shape and is practical for you.

Go for a dress

On those morning where you don’t have time to think about what to wear take a shortcut and choose dress. With a dress (or a jumpsuit) you don’t have to worry about what top goes with what bottom. Simply chuck it on, add your go to trainers and your done! There are so many different styles in the shops right now, you are sure too find something that suits your style and shape.

Go hands free

Free up your hands with a cross body or backpack style bag. Not only are these style really on trend right now, but they are practical and stylish. After all what mum doesn’t need an extra pair of hands? I personally love the leather cross body bags with the interchangeable straps, as they add personality and really jazz up a simple outfit, but a back pack can look super cool too.

Stock up on easy to wear basics

As a mum you often have very little time so having good basics that you can throw on is vital. That’s way having a good stock of t-shirts, both long and short sleeve and a few sweaters and a cardigan in a neutral colour is an important part of building the perfect mum wardrobe. Remember though, that just because these are your basics, it doesn’t mean plain. Slogan and graphic tees and sweatshirts are a great way of adding personality to your look. Or try experimenting with ‘neutral’ prints, such as stripes, spots and leopard. I call these prints ‘neutral’ as they can be layered up together and still look fab.

The same applies to basic bottoms. Choose a few different styles that you know are easy to wear, comfortable and can be mix and matched. As a mum I know that I find myself being drawn more to trousers, so my basics bottoms would be a pair of mid blue slim straight jeans, a pair of leather look jeggings, a pair of nice plain leggings and maybe a leopard skirt. All of these work with my t shirts and jumpers, so I don’t have to think too much about how to put an outfit together.

Just a few examples of some good basic tops

Choose hassle free fabrics

Now I love cashmere and silk as much as the next girl, but these are not everyday mum clothes. For a practical mum style you want fabrics that are easy to care for. That means that they need to be non iron, machine washable and can be dried on the line or airer. If the label says ‘hand wash and dry flat’ walk away! It’s just not going to happen, and they will either end up languishing in the laundry basket or end up misshapen or shrunk to baby size because you accidentally throw it in the machine.


You have your basics, you have your go to trainers and outerwear, and you have you hands free bag. All you need now is few funky accessories to jazz up you look. Simply choose a couple of patterned scarves, a couple of pairs of earrings or a necklace or maybe a belt and make sure that you add just one of these to finish you look. It is amazing how just by adding one accessory you can look and feel more put together.

Need help creating your mum wardrobe? I can help. Samantha Woodbury Styling offers both online and in person styling packages that include advice on creating a capsule wardrobe. All styling services can be booked online or you can book a free styling call to see how I can help.

Breastfeeding fashion hampshire

Dressing For Breastfeeding With Style

Being a mum and dressing stylishly can be a challenge. You are time poor, your body shape has changed. And if you are breastfeeding, you have the added challenge of trying to find feeding friendly clothes. Luckily, these days there are many more high street retailers that offer postnatal wardrobe solutions. However, it is possible to create a breastfeeding-friendly closet with just a few essential items and your existing wardrobe, ensuring that you look and feel like you again. Breastfeeding with style is feasible.

Invest in a good nursing bra

A good nursing bra is essential if you want to be breastfeeding with style. If you buy nothing else to help build a breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe this one item will make all the difference. When I had my first child, I just went for a basic practical bra from M&S. This served me well, but it did nothing for my self-confidence and left me feeling frumpy and middle-aged.

What we wear under our clothes can have as much an impact on how we feel about ourselves. When I had my second, I made sure I did the research and found a nursing bra that was pretty, had a bit of lace. It was much more stylish.

There are a number of brands that do ‘sexier’ nursing bras, including Freya, Panache, Hotmilk. It is important to make sure that you get yourself measured by a professional. This is to ensure that you get the right fit. It is also recommended that you get measured very late in your pregnancy, or even wait until your milk has come in. This is because your boobs can get even bigger once you are feeding.

Look for easy access details

If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on nursing clothes, one way of making your wardrobe work for you is to look for items that open up at the front to make it easier to feed. Button and zip through fronts are the most obvious styles, but there are other alternatives including, tie front detail or straps that can be undone when needed, shirred bodice details or stretchy cross front style tops that can be pulled aside for easy feeding or look for wrap tops and dresses that can be undone when needed.

If you are buying new things, think about whether you will wear them after you have finished feeding, as this will give you a good indication as to whether the items suit your natural style personality and help in creating a more sustainable and hardworking wardrobe. 

Layer a simple camisole underneath

If you are feeding in a top or dress that does not have easy access to feed, then you will most likely be lifting your top-up to a nurse. Whilst this is fine at home or with family and friends, you might not feel quite so comfortable doing this in public and exposing your tummy. This is where a stretchy camisole or nursing vest comes in handy. All you need to do is simply pull down or unclip the neckline and you can feed easily without flashing the flesh. This is one of my favourite and simplest tips for breastfeeding with style.

Accessorise with a lightweight scarf or nursing jewellery

Breastfeeding in public can be daunting so if you would rather cover up, then try adding light weight scarf to your outfit. This will not only elevate your overall look, but you can use it to conceal baby feeding by simply draping over to one side when you are nursing.

If you have a wriggly feeder, you could also try adding some nursing jewellery to help keep them focused with the job in hand! This used to work for my nosy firstborn, who used to bob on and off the boob, pull off any cover I had on him or turn his head whilst still having my nipple in his mouth! Ouch!

Have fun with fashion

Remember, just because you have this added requirement from your clothes, don’t make it your only focus. Get creative with clothes. Could you wear that top with the zip-back, the other way round? Could that cross-front dress stretch enough at the neckline to allow you to feed? If you layer up an item with a camisole underneath do you have more outfit options?

Most importantly, think about whether you actually like the item? Would you wear it if you weren’t breastfeeding, and does it go with other pieces in your wardrobe? If the answer is no, then move on and look for something better. As a mum, it is all too easy to lose your style identity and slip into a rut. Remember just because you are a mother, doesn’t mean that you have to forgo looking stylish and feeling confident for practicality. You are still the same fabulous women, just a little more tired and exhausted

I have put together a breast feeding friendly style board at Moonsift

photo of woman breastfeeding her child
Photo by Wendy Wei on

I hope that you have found these simple tips helpful and you feel more capable of reviewing your wardrobe and seeing how you can dress for breastfeeding with style.

If you would like any more advice on creating a postpartum wardrobe , I offer personal shopping both online and in person across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex. Why not take advantage of my free initial style consultation, simply book via the website, call me on 07764996596 or send me an email.

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Finding the right jean for you

I was thrilled to be asked, by to share my top 5 style tips for Mums on shopping for the perfect jean. Here is my article “Finding the right jean for you”

How I Find The Right Jeans That Flatter My Shape?

I often get this question with many mothers asking how to cover their muffin tops? Or just wanting to feel more confident. Honestly, finding the right jeans is like searching for the holy grail. But it is possible with these simple tips.

Find your waist

Knowing where your waist is will help you determine the rise of jean that will flatter your body shape the best. If you are pear or hourglass-shaped, you will most likely look best in a high rise of jean. However, if you are a rectangle of an inverted triangle, a mid to low rise will suit you better.

Think About The Colour Of The Right Jeans

If you are concerned about your bum and thighs opt for a darker pair of jeans with little to no distressing or embellishment. If you are lucky enough to have slender legs, make the most of them by wearing a lighter colour. 

Look At The Fabric Content

Jeans need to be comfortable but you don’t want too much elastane in them as they won’t last. Over time fabric conditioner breaks down the elastic in the fabric, so the higher the elastane content the sooner they will go baggy at the knees and bum. 2% elastane is ideal.

Balance Your Shape

When choosing the fit of your jean, think about how to balance your shape. If for example, you are a bootylicious pear-shaped mama, you’ll want to look for a pair of jean that skims the hips and thighs and then kicks out a little to balance your curves; such as bootcut and straight leg jeans. If on the other hand, you are a slim-hipped inverted triangle, you will want to balance your broader torso with jeans that add a little volume to your lower half; boyfriend, mom and wide-leg jeans will look fab on you.

Always go for a jean with belt loops

I always recommend that you go for a jean with belt loops rather than without. Not only will this prompt you to add a belt to your outfit and instantly make it look more put together, but it makes the waistband much more substantial and less likely to fold or roll down.

I hope these tips will help you with finding the right jean for you. If you would like any more advice on shopping for your shape, I offer personal shopping, body shape analysis and wardrobe makeovers both online and in person across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and East Sussex. Why not take advantage of my free initial style consultation, simply book via the website, call me on 07764996596 or send me an email.

Your Personal Stylist Hampshire

Do you feel a bit frumpy? Have you forgotten how to dress like the ‘old’ you? Are you stuck in a style rut? Do you find yourself constantly trying to disguise your ‘mum tum’ with baggy tops?

If this sounds familiar Samantha Woodbury your personal stylist Hampshire can help take you on a style journey. I can help create a wardrobe that leaves you feeling like you, works with your lifestyle, body shape and makes getting ready easy everyday.

How to feel like you again with a personal stylist in Hampshire?

Being stylish isn’t about wearing the latest trends and giving you a ‘fashion uniform’. It’s about wearing clothes that work with your colouring, body shape, natural style personality and work for your lifestyle.

As mum of two, I know how easy it is to lose yourself. After having my first child, I was time poor and looking good just didn’t take priority anymore. Other things like family, the children and running a household came first. I forgot who I was before I became a Mum and didn’t know what my ‘personal style’ was and how to dress for my new life.

Personal styling services in Hampshire with Samantha Woodbury Styling can take you on that journey to discover how to create outfits that are effortless yet stylish and a wardrobe that works for you rather than against you.

Samantha Woodbury Styling can help you:

  • Discover your signature style
  • Create a wardrobe that you get excited by in the morning
  • Learn how to confidently shop for clothes that will flatter your shape, colouring and ensure that your don’t have clothes that you never wear in your wardrobe
  • Teach you how to create an easy make up routine that works for the school run
  • Discover how to feel and look good everyday

Personal styling, with me can be an experience that reawakens a more confident, happier you. Whether is a total Style Rediscovery session, including a Colour Analysis and Make Up Lesson. Or a Wardrobe Makeover in your home or a Personal Shopping experience in Southampton, Basingstoke, Winchester or Portsmouth.

To find out more about the  styling services available in London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire by Samantha Woodbury Stylingget in contact with today.

Read our blog to see how our personal stylist in Southampton can help you find the perfect jeans

How to find your perfect jean whatever your body hang up

In my last post I gave you my top tips for shopping for jeans. In this post I’ll show you what cuts, rises and styling details to look for when shopping for jean to flatter your body shape.

Shapely thighs

The key to flattering shapely thighs is cut, colour and fabric. To visually slim the thigh, you want to go for a dark wash with minimal distressing detail, such as rips, fading or whispering. Also avoid any prints and embellishment around the hip and thigh area, as this will only bring focus to the area.

Look for a cut that skim the thighs and creates a straight line downwards from the hip. This helps balance the thighs and draws the eye to the vertical line created by the jean, thus elongating the leg. Styles such as straight, bootcut and wide leg will deemphasise the curves of the hips and slim the overall appearance of the leg.

Curvaceous calves

If you are blessed with athletics calves? Look for styles that have flared hemline, such as bootcut, flare or wide leg. Wear your jeans full length and team with a pointed shoe, heel or wedge to lengthen and slim the leg.





Bootylicious butts

Assuming that you want to actually want to make your Kim Kardashian booty look smaller, you should go for a dark wash jean in a curvy cut style, such as flare, bootcut or wide. When shopping for your jeans, make sure that the hem of the jean is as wide, if not slightly wider than the width of you hips, this will balance your figure and narrow the appearance of your hips. Look for large back pockets rather than small as this will make your bum look slimmer.
If you find that jeans gap at the back, look for high rise jeans, ideal cut with a curved waistband, so that the back if higher than the front, this will give you more space in the seat and should stop this problem. Avoid skinny and tapered cut jeans at all costs.

Round tummies

Finding a comfortable pair of jeans when you have a bigger tummy can be difficult. It is important to get the rise right, you want to go for a mid to high rise and ensure that it doesn’t cause any bulging. Look for jeans that have a little stretch but still are quite supportive, some have tummy control or shape enhancing features which will help flatten and smooth your silhouette.

Avoid anything with features such as button fly, or pleating as this will only draw focus to your tummy and add extra bulk, instead try style with distressing and embellishment further down the leg, this will distract from the tummy.
If you have slim legs, look for a straight style cut such as boyfriend, mom, or slim cut jean. If you are a little curvier around the thighs, go for more bootcut or wide leg styles that will skim and balance your curves.

Flat bottoms
If you aren’t too shapely around the bottom area and want to add some curves, look for jeans that are snug on the bum and hips, and ideally give you a little lift. Look for features like ‘bum shaping’ on the label. Ensure that the jeans also have a curved yoke on the back, this will add definition to your bottom. Pockets can also had shape, especially pockets with embellishment or with flaps, so look out for this type of detail.

If you would like any more advice on shopping for your shape, I offer personal shopping, body shape analysis and wardrobe makeovers both online and in person across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex. Why not take advantage of my free initial style consultation, simply book via the website, call me on 07764996596 or send me an email.

Personal stylist in Hampshire tells us her top 5 tips for finding the perfect jean

5 top tips to finding your perfect jean

Finding the perfect jeans is like searching for the holy grail, but is possible with these simple tips.

Find your waist

Knowing where your waist is will help you  determine the rise of jean that will flatter your body shape the best. If you are pear or hourglass shaped, you will most likely look best in a high rise jean, whilst if you are a rectangle of inverted triangle, a mid to low rise will suit you better.

Think about the colour

If you are concerned about your bum and thighs opt for a darker jean with little to no distressing or embellishment. If you are lucky enough to have slender legs, make the most of them by wearing a lighter colour. 

Look at the fabric content

Jeans need to be comfortable but you  don’t want too much elastane in them as they won’t last. Fabric conditioner breaks down the elastane, so the higher the elastane content the sooner they will go baggy at the knees and bum. 2% elastane is ideal.

Balance your shape.

When choosing the fit of your jean, think about how to balance your shape. If for example you are a bootylicious pear shaped mama, you’ll want to look for a jean that skims the hips and thighs and then kicks out a little to balance your curves; such as bootcut and straight leg jeans. If on the other hand  you are a slim hipped inverted triangle, you will want to balance your broader torso with jeans that add a little volume to your lower half; boyfriend, mom and wide leg jeans will look fab on you.

Always go for a jean with belt loops.

I always recommend that you go for a jean with belt loops rather than without. Not only will this prompt you to add a belt to your outfit and instantly make it look more put together, but it makes the waistband much more substantial and less likely to fold or roll down

Want help finding the best jeans for you? Whether you’re based in Hampshire, Surrey,Berkshire West Sussex or anywhere else in the UK, I would love to help. I provide virtual and in person personal styling consultations, wardrobe overhauls or online personal shopping experiences all from the comfort of your own home!

You can also visit our Instagram or Facebook page for more information about the services I offer and of course, more style inspiration! And alternatively, if you’d like to find out more, book your free style consultation call with or email me at or call 07764996596.

What is the Lockdown Style Challenge and how can it help you get out of that funk.

As I write this post, we are in the second month of Lockdown in England. The schools are closed, so like many mums I am enjoying the delights of home schooling, whilst try to keep my wild 3 year old occupied and stop her from trying to ‘ride’ our 6 month old puppy, and stop said puppy from chewing every shoe, toy and dirty sock he can find, and it is tough!
I am not a school teacher, and it is hard work to try and engage a 6 year old to write a sentence with a ‘contraction’ and an ‘adjective’ when he can hear is sister watching ‘Blippi’ for the 999th time. My youngest is spending far too much time on the iPad or watching TV, and I am just about keeping on top of the household chores, getting the dog and the children out for their daily exercise and my brood fed; this is a task in its self, as every 20 minutes I get asked if it’s snack time yet!

However tough it might be, I know that it is required to get us through this pandemic, however I consider myself one of the lucky ones.I have been furloughed from main job which means that I actually do have time to spend ‘trying’ to educate my son. My husband is working from home, so can help out now and then, so I can go to the supermarket alone, fit in at least 2 runs a week and cook our evening meal at least once or twice. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling a bit bored, a bit fed up and a little bit down.
I miss my friends and family. I miss actually having that 1 to 1 conversation, I miss working with my colleagues at the Swan Centre, Eastleigh, I miss meeting up with my clients, and I miss having a reason to choose an outfit in the morning.
Although this lockdown only started on the 5th January, I haven’t actually been in the office since November, so have basically been wearing joggers and a top for nearly 3 months. I haven’t really bothered putting make up on either, as what the the point eh? And the result? I don’t really feel like me anymore. I feel like a washer woman, housekeeper and nanny.
That’s why I thought it was high time I pulled myself together and did something about it. I can’t change the situation that we are in, but I can try and do something to pull myself out of this funk. That’s why I have put together the Lockdown Style Challenge.

The Lockdown Style Challenge is intended to be a fun, mood enhancing challenge that gives us all a theme to create our outfits around. The idea is that if we all have a ‘reason’ to get dressed, then we will spend some time thinking about what to choose, how to put things together and actually spend sometime thinking about ourselves for once, rather “should I wash the darks or the whites today”, “can I give the kids fishfingers again this week” or “what on earth at we going to have for dinner tonight?”.

The challenge is intended to run across 7 days, starting on Monday 8th February, and each day has an easy theme for you to shape your outfit around. The idea is that the challenge just provides little tweaks to our existing ‘lockdown wardrobe’ and that it works in real life and is achievable by everyone, whether you are a working mum, juggling zoom calls, childcare and schooling, a mum with a feeding baby, a toddler and a 8 year old or even a mum who’s kids have flown the nest. You decide how you want to interpret the theme, you tweak it to your lifestyle, taste and wardrobe.

So what are the themes for the week? Well we kick off with an easy one, Colour Pop. The idea with this is that you think about introducing colour to your outfit in some way. It can be by colour clashing your outfit, introducing a print, adding a scarf or a pair of earring or even just sticking on a bit of lippy. Whatever you feel comfortable with, it is your challenge. The reason for kicking off with focusing on colour is because of the proven mood enhancing and brighten effect that colour can have on us, especially when work near our faces. The right colour can not only make us feel happier, but younger and more rested. As we go through the week, we explore colour further with ‘Tonal Style’, learn how to create and style an outfit with Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays themes, and how to make more of the clothes that we have in our wardrobes on Saturday and Sunday. By the end of the week, I hope that you will feel more confident, and positive about how you look and feel.

One of the things that I have noticed most from talking to clients, friends and family is how the lack of social interaction is effecting everyone, especially women. That’s why I would love it if we could all share this challenge together and join in by posting your outfit pic in my private Facebook community The Busy Mums Style Tribe. This way we can all support each other and give each other a bit of help and advice. It will also give you access to advice from me directly.

I will post a reminder of the theme at 8pm the night before on my Facebook page and on the Busy Mums Style Tribe group, along with some inspiration (you can get a sneak peak on my Pinterest page) and tips. I strongly recommend thinking about what you are going to wear the evening before, as we are all more creative at this time, so you are more likely to be more adventurous and inspired by the theme. It also saves time in the morning and ensures that you don’t ‘duck’ out for the day, as it is easy to resort to you normal ‘lockdown uniform’.

I am excited about next week, and can’t wait to see how you all interpret the themes.

Watch my Facebook Live video here.

8 simple steps to savvy sale shopping.

It’s that time year when our inboxes are full of emails shouting about ‘further reductions’, and you are being targeting by online ads tempting you to indulge in a bit of sale shopping.
But is shopping in the sales at this time of year a good idea? In my opinion, yes and no. If you are shopping wisely and making good choices then now is a great time to update your wardrobe. We still have a few months of winter, so there is still time to get as many £s per wear as possible, and if you may even be able to buy something that is a real investment piece that has been out of your reach until now. But it is important to plan and be truthful about whether you actually need, want or actually like some of the things that you have popped in your basket, or you could be just wasting your money.

So to save you time, hassle and money, I have put together my top tips for savvy sale shopping. .

Don’t be swayed by the discount
Just because an item is 70% off doesn’t mean that you should buy it! So many of my clients have pieces in their wardrobe with the sale tag still on them. They have never worn the items and in fact don’t actually like them that much. The key is to consider whether you might have bought it at full price. If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t buy it.

Know whats in your wardrobe before shopping
Everyone is naturally attracted to a a certain style, and it is easy to buy the same or similar piece over and over again. To avoid having a wardrobe full of black jeans and striped tops; for example, make sure you know where your gaps are.
Have a look at your closet and see if there is anything you don’t currently have that would enable to you wear more pieces in different ways. Think about whether you are missing knitwear or winter boots? If you can wear that new sale piece with existing items in your wardrobe in at least 3 different ways, then buy it. Once you know your wardrobe, you will be able to make better sale choices.

Shop more aspirationally
Have a look at some brands that you admire but would never normally be able to afford to shop at. Now is a great time to get some great quality, investment and statement pieces at the prices will be more attainable whilst in sale. Have a look at John Lewis to get an idea of what brands are out there.

Know you measurements
No two size 12s are the same on the high street. Every brand has a different fit model, based on who they think their customer is, this is why it is important to know your measurements and use the size guide when shopping. Once you know what bust, waist and hip measurement you are, you will be able to compare it to the size guide and discover which size is likely to fit the best. 

Invest in your wardrobe
This tip works hand in hand with knowing your wardrobe and shopping aspirationally.  Now is a great time to invest in some pieces that are going to last for years, such as a cashmere cardigan, and classic coat or good quality leather handbag. When you look at cost per wear, it won’t seem so scary spending such a large chunk of your budget on one piece.

Know your budget and stick to it
It is so easy to get caught up and go off piste when sale shopping. The key is to know how much you have to spend and make sure that you make the right purchases within you budget.

Go for quality not quantity
If you are able, I always advise that you shop for fewer good quality pieces that are going to last, then lots of low quality items that are going to shrink or the decoration is going to fall off. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to shop high end, just make sure that you look at the reviews, consider the original price and look at fabric composition and care instructions if possible.
Cheap fabrics such as nylon, polyester and acrylic will not wear as well as wool, silk or cotton, so always try to go for natural fabrics. Fabrics such as viscose will also crush and crease easily, so unless you love ironing I wouldn’t advise buying anything in this fabric (unless its knitted) because you will never wear it. 
If you can, check the care instructions before making a purchase, basic items that say things like ‘dry flat’ will probably warp at the hems and neckline if you don’t follow to the letter, and who is going to dry a basic white tee flat?

Know the stores return policy
No matter how savvy you are with your sale shopping, once you get the item it still might now be right. This could be down to the colour, your body shape or the quality and fit isn’t quite right. So it is important to know whether you can return for a full refund, or whether the store only offers credit or and exchange. Don’t forget to check out how much the postage is to return either as this may add more money to your purchases than expected.

So there you are. My top tips for savvy sale shopping.

If you still aren’t ready to hit the sales solo, don’t forget I offer an online personal shopping service from as little as £35. Simply email me at for find out more.

Make your wardrobe work for you this Autumn/Winter.

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As I write this blog, the rain is lashing down at the window and I am sat in my pjs with a large mug of coffee, trying to avoid the need to get dressed and go and face the outdoor elements head on. On days like this, it can be hard to feel motivated the get dressed, let alone try and come up with an outfit that looks good, but that is exactly the reason why it is so important to have a wardrobe that works for you. Imagine looking in to your closet and instantly seeing an outfit combination that you know works and makes you feel good? As the dark nights draw in and the weather takes a turn for the worse, ‘dressing happy’ is more important than ever, and with a little reorganisation and a small amount of time spent reevaluating what we have hidden in the depths of our drawers, cupboards and closets, we can create wardrobes that inspire and leave us feeling good, rather then overwhelmed and fed up.

With a forecast of wall to wall rain this weekend and through to next week; in the UK, now is a great time to attack that wardrobe and get it set up for the season ahead. So I have put together some tips on where to start, what to look for and how to reorganise.

Step 1- Pull out out all your ‘high summer’ clothes.
The first step in getting your wardrobe ready for the Autumn/Winter season is getting rid of all the items that your aren’t going to wear for the next few months. Some items can be worn transitionally by layering things up, but some items such as shorts, linen trousers, beachwear and sandals and flip flop just aren’t going to be needed for a while.
Where you then put these items is up to your, if you have space, you can store at the furthest end of your wardrobe, however, personally I prefer to pack it away and store it in a vac bag or box to give my current season clothes more room.

Step 2- Pull out all your winter items that you might have tucked away.
If like me you tend to put away all your winter woolies, now’s the time to get it out of storage. Before you put them back in the wardrobe, reevaluate them and firstly make sure that they are clean, check that they are not in need to repair; this includes the need for new buttons etc, and that they fit. Now is the time to start you three piles, a keep pile, a repair pile and a donate pile. If you have a spare rail, I strongly advise that you hang the keep items on this so that you can see what you have.
Don’t forget to do your shoes and accessories at the same time.

Step 3- Reevaluate the clothes still in the wardrobe.
As in step 2, now is the time to review the condition and usefulness of the clothes that you currently have in you wardrobe, go through each item and put them in the either the keep, repair or donate pile. As before if you have a spare rail for the keep clothes, use it so that you can see exactly what you have.

Step 4- Try some outfit building.
If you have time, now is a great opportunity to experiment with creating some new outfits. Play around with the clothes that you have and see how many different looks you can create. To do this, I recommend starting with an item that you love, that you know makes your feel good about yourself and is something that you know that you will wear a lot, then pair it with something that you might not have tried wearing it with before. Remember the rule of three, for example a top, a bottom and a jacket or cardigan, then add at least one accessory. Try creating a casual and smart version of the same outfit.
Once you are happy with a look, take a photo of the outfit on your phone. You can then refer to these photo to remind you later.

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Step 5- Put your clothes back in your wardrobe in a organised way.
Now is the time to put everything back. The first thing that you need to think about how you are going to store your clothes. Do you have hanging storage, or do you need to fold your clothes on shelves or in drawers. If you are lucky enough to have a lot of hanging storage, I recommend hanging as much as you can, as this makes it easier see exactly what you have, with everything on one place. If you have limited space, try and hang the items that crease easily, but try to keep whole clothing types together, ie all dresses together in one place. I strongly advise investing in some of the velvet covered slim hangers, as this will not only save space, but stop clothes slipping off and they make your wardrobe look cleaner and tidier. Here is a link to the ones I recommend.
Once you have considered where you are putting your clothes, its important to this about how you want your wardrobe organised. Do you prefer a separate work wardrobe to casual wardrobe or do you mix and match? Whatever way you chose I recommend organising items by type; for example short sleeve tops, then by colour, and within this light to dark versions of the same colour. This will make it easier to outfit build and locate particular items when in a rush in the morning.
Don’t forget to do the same with your shoes, accessories, jackets and coats. If you can’t store everything together, just make sure that you know where everything is and what you have.
TOP TIP: If you store your shoes/coats or jacket in a separate place to the rest of your clothes, try sticking photographs to the back of your wardrobe door to remind you what you have. Also, ensure that your jewellery is laid out or hung so that you can see what you have. I have little Command mini hooks stuck to the back of my wardrobe door and hang my necklaces on there so I can see everything I have.

Step 6- Reevaluate your donate pile
Before you take everything to the charity shop, look and see if there are any items that you can sell on eBay, Depop or other selling sites. Things that sell well are high end high street brands and or designer labels.

Step 7- Organise getting your clothes repaired.
If you are nifty with a needle, make sure that you make time to mend those clothes in the repair pile. If you aren’t so gifted in the seamstress department, try and find a local repairer. Try searching your local community Facebook page for reccomendations.

And that it! Now you should have a wardrobe that works for you and not against you, leaving you more time to enjoy that extra coffee in the morning.

If you can’t face decluttering your wardrobe alone, don’t forget I offer both a virtual and in personal Wardrobe Makeover service. To find out more or to book a free initial consultation, drop me a message.